Find your perfect housemate!

Don’t want to end up sharing a place with someone you find annoying on a daily basis... right?

A big city can be a lonely place. So you want to go back to a place where you belong and can truly be yourself.

MyPerfectHousemate lets you quickly find people to share with; people with a similar lifestyle, interests, habits and values.


MyPerfectHousemate is your key to happy living.

While the property you live in is important, we think finding the right people to share the property with is more important.


Avoid moving in with the housemate from hell

Imagine coming home to housemates whose company you really enjoy.

Where there are no arguments about the state of the bathroom or whose turn it is to put the rubbish out

People who are not making a noise whilst you're trying to sleep.

People you care about and who care about you, too.

Our proprietary pairing algorithm will find people who match your preferences


Use MyPerfectHousemate if:

  • You are looking for a room in a house share where you will feel totally comfortable
  • You have a spare room and are looking for compatible housemates
  • To create a group of people to rent a new property together

At MyPerfectHousemate we're on a mission to help create harmonious communities where people are sharing their living spaces with others whose company they really enjoy. Somewhere they belong. Somewhere they feel truly at home.

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