The Team

Jolanta Stanke

I came up with the idea of MyPerfectHousemate after having gone through varied house sharing experiences across two continents. The atmosphere in one house share was so dire I used to stay on university campus all night to avoid facing one of the housemates!

Apart from dreaming up crazy startup ideas, I am a business analyst, an aspiring coach, and e-business development and digital marketing junkie. My background includes teaching business intelligence and entrepreneurship at a business school, research focused stints at Cambridge, Oxford and UCL, as well as my current role of Research Director at a London based broadband analysis company.

Tom Cook

Jolanta talked to me about her idea for MyPerfectHousemate in 2014. I'd had difficult experiences with housemates in 2011/2012 so I was sure it was a great idea. In early 2015 she asked me if I would become a co-founder and help with User Experience, Growth Hacking, and Marketing, and I jumped at the opportunity.

I am a business mentor, start-up enthusiast, and co-founder of around a dozen online sites. I mentor a number of businesses, in particular coaching technical people non-technical business skills. I’ve been involved with organising and mentoring at eight start-up launch weekend events in London, Bath, and Oxford. My background includes selling IT equipment for big name manufacturers, eventually becoming Sales Manager Northern Europe for a division of Philips and before that, very early in my career, I spent five years in retail management at WH Smith.

Bartosz Chojnowski

Having worked with Tom on other projects , when he asked me if I would like to join the Team as the Lead Designer for MyPerfectHousemate, my answer was instant! Great idea and amazing team; what more would you need?

I am a freelance photographer, an animal and nature lover, a graphic designer inspired by everything that surrounds me. I learn, experiment and discover. I am currently working on mobile apps, several start-ups, a short movie, a photo book and setting up a gallery (the kind that you can walk around). To see more of my work, please visit

Shehzad Azram

I'd been actively looking for a tech start-up to get involved with when I met Jolanta and Tom via a networking group and they asked me to become a co-founder and Lead Developer. I could see tremendous potential for the site, but what interested me even more was joining the venture at such an early stage and having complete autonomy and responsibility for shaping the technical direction of the business.

I am a web developer primarily focused on the backend stack with experience in a number of development tools and languages. For those of you interested, I've selected a fairly traditional LAMP stack, plus the Laravel framework, for the initial version of the site. I spend much of my time keeping up-to-date with the latest trends as technology changes.